The concept

FEMEGYL ® — reliable partner cosmetologist

What is FEMEGYL®

  • unique line of products, ranging from gentle exfoliating products to facial
  • contouring injectives;
  • one of the first Russian brands to offer the highest quality products at reasonable prices;
  • two powerful organizations with massive scientific potential at the root of the brand;
  • global patents on product formulas.

 The aim of the brand is to offer cosmetologists and their patients the desired range of clinically-tested, high-quality products for everyday use.The brand has achieved the goal of developing «green» formulas, making the most use of natural raw materials and natural preservatives.

 FEMEGYL® – a range of products that complement each other. Each product’s individually-crafted formula allows for getting maximum use out of nutrients without overburdening the skin. Each product takes into account the skin’s

structure and metabolism, making it possible for the ingredients to penetrate along the entire depth of the dermis.

 The products are made with deionised artesian water, which is obtained and specially treated in an ecologically clean district in Moscow Oblast. Ingredients of only the highest quality are chosen for FEMEGYL® beauty products.

Local production of small batches ensures that the product is fresh when it reaches the clinics. FEMEGYL® products can be considered to be handmade pharmaceuticals.

 FEMEGYL® products have been developed as a result of a joint effort by dermatovenerologists, cosmetologists, immunologists, pharmacologists and chemical engineers, together with the Institute of Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology.

Advantages of FEMEGYL®:

  • natural active ingredients in high concentrations;
  • due to the unique low-temperature brewing technology the properties of active natural ingredients are preserved;
  • unique formulas help to increase tissue respiration, oxygen supply and ensure a high bioavailability of the natural ingredients;
  • all products complement each other, giving the skin a vibrant energy;
  • the packaging of the products only minimally impacts their price, as the packaging itself is kept to a minimum. The selling price of the products is therefore most influenced by its ingredients and not the packaging;
  • beauty products are manufactured in small batches to ensure maximum freshness;
  • developed by biochemists, experienced doctors and the best technology experts;
  • small batch manufacturing approach is used allowing only a minimal amount of preservatives to be used;
  • does not contain paraben, lauryl sulphates, antiseptics or colorants.