The opening of new manufacturing plants in Russia is one of the main political and economic priorities of our country, even more so when innovation is involved. The process of building a new factory is never a trivial undertaking. It is a very labour-intensive process that requires patience, courage, the right mindset, resources, as well as confidence about the future and about the success of your business.

The plant is located in an environmentally-friendly area of the Stupino district in Moscow Oblast, in a manufacturing technological cluster. The Stupino district is unique and deserves special consideration. It is a relatively small district with no more than 120 000 residents, located in the south of Moscow Oblast, on the scenic banks of the Oka River. It is remarkable that such a small federal and municipal entity is able to enact its own policies regarding the development of industrial production. Thanks to the success of the policies, well-known firms like the confectionery maker Mars and the paper-based consumer product maker Kimberly Clark have already built over 20 plants in the district. The combined value of shipped goods that have been produced in Stupino exceeds 56 billion RUB per year. Our company is no exception to this trend and also decided to become part of the technological cluster. The lengthy and arduous process of planning and building had lasted for 4 years, finally resulting in one of the industries’ newest and most modern factories – not only in Russia, but far beyond its borders as well.

The plant had been designed with international experience of other similar projects in mind. The problems of energy conservation and environmental protection had been considered in great detail. For example, a multi-stage water treatment system had been built, as well as a system for even further treatment of the water. As a result, the water flowing out of the plant into the environment is actually cleaner than pure mineral water. A special system of large windows installed directly into the roof of the building allowed the electricity usage to be halved.

The production process itself is also unique. We have developed a specially assembled combination of production lines and mixing tanks, allowing us to synthesize special product formulas that other factories will not be able to replicate due to their particular physical and chemical parameters. The production cycle of our products is 4-5 times longer than that of other popular toothpastes. This is due to our innovative use of low-temperature technologies, which allow the natural raw materials and vitamins to remain biologically active for a longer period of time.

It is worth noting that aside from hygiene products, the plant also produces a unique feedstock. Today, it is probably the only manufacturing plant throughout the post-Soviet space and beyond, that is developing its own high-tech ingredient base. Moreover, the plant also produces medicinal products, designed for both clinical use and home use when prescribed by a doctor.

Our own scientific research laboratory, which accounts for over 50 product formula patents worldwide, is the result of the combination of international experience, strict adherence to standards and regulations and the drive to produce only the best products of the highest quality – all part of our philosophy and the key to our successful growth.