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Svetlana Luzhanskaya
What is the difference between the “Extra-nourishing facial mask” and the “Moisturizing and revitalizing face cream  for men”, if the ingredients are identical?
The difference between these products is the differing concentration of oils.
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N.V. Kostrukhina
Why doesn't the skin chafe after the application of peels containing lactic acid?
N. Ukolova
FEMEGYL peels (15% and 30% lactic acid) contain acid solutions of weak and medium concentration and act on the epidermis level. Lactic acid is a natural component of the moisture mantle. This is the reason why we do not observe chafing in large and medium flakes. Small flakes that are invisible to the naked eye do appear. Furthermore, the reaction of the skin can depend on its type, condition, and age.
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What age groups are these products suitable for?
Femegyl cosmetics products are suitable for young, as well as for old skin. Everything depends on the problems that the patient is having. Aged skin is the type of skin that needs intensive nourishing and moisturizing the most. This is what our brand pays the most attention to.
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Why does the product cause redness and a slight burning (Moisturizing toning lotion for face, neck and décolleté)?
The product contains organic compounds with germanium. Germanium is one of the micro elements that take part in metabolic processes in the human body. It is theorized that when organic germanium enters the blood, it acts exactly like hemoglobin, while also carrying a negative charge, and also like hemoglobin it partakes in the process of transporting oxygen across the tissues in the body. This way, oxygen deficiency (hypoxia) on the tissue level can be prevented.
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