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Svetlana Luzhanskaya
What is the difference between the “Extra-nourishing facial mask” and the “Moisturizing and revitalizing face cream  for men”, if the ingredients are identical?
The difference between these products is the differing concentration of oils.
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What age groups are these products suitable for?
Femegyl cosmetics products are suitable for young, as well as for old skin. Everything depends on the problems that the patient is having. Aged skin is the type of skin that needs intensive nourishing and moisturizing the most. This is what our brand pays the most attention to.
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Can your cosmetics (in particular, the peels) be used during pregnancy?
During pregnancy, the hormonal makeup in the body changes, making it impossible to forecast how the skin will behave. Pregnant women often have allergic reactions, hence if you as a doctor take the decision to allow the application of a peel, it is vital for the patient to undergo a sensitivity test of the inner surface of the forearm. When pregnant, your skin becomes dry and sensitive, prone to irritation and chafing, pigmented melasma spots can appear. Also, skin rashes caused by hormonal makeup changes can also manifest themselves. It is better to limit yourself to a manual cleansing of the face in order to remove comedos and other rashes, and it is recommended to use moisturizing, calming, cleansing and nourishing facial masks and creams.
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Sergey Drozdov
Can your germanium peels be recommended to people suffering from acne, and if yes, how will they work?
N. Ukolova
Yes, FEMEGYL peels with azelogermanium and lactogermanium can be used by people suffering from acne, because these peels contain a unique whole molecule, which is a complex containing hyaluronic acid, germanium and acids (azelaic and lactic). Thanks to this, the effects of acid are retained (controlled burn), and the hyaluronic acid restores the water-lipid mantle, alleviating the aggressive effects of acids on damaged skin. Germanium improves cellular respiration and microcirculation in all layers of the skin and allows the cells to regenerate even in the deeper layers.
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